Mission Statement

The mission of The Jesse Coombs Foundation is to positively influence youth to choose a life free of drugs.


The Jesse Coombs Foundation visits at risk kids and all children who would like a positive message about saying no to drugs. We introduce the children to outdoor sports in a comfortable setting and talk with them about the damage caused by drugs. We help the children understand that the greatest excitements in life are achieved without drugs.

We also speak with children about the very serious and permanent damage drugs has on the body and mind. We encourage the children to find other activities in their life that occupy their body and mind that give them goals and satisfaction. The hope of the Jesse Coombs Foundation is that we can use role models who live lives the children would desire for themselves to influence children to say no to drugs.


The main goal of The Jesse Coombs Foundation is to help children before they start taking drugs to understand why drugs are such a terrible idea and only damage their life. The goal is simply to have fewer children and subsequently fewer adults damaging their lives with drugs.

Involving your children with the Jesse Coombs Foundation

We are excited to work with parents and community groups that are motivated to take proactive steps to teach their children to say no to drugs. If you would like to invite us to work with your children, please contact us at jessecoombs@jessecoombs dot com.


Job Corp Youth Anti-Drug Kayaking presentation in Roseburg, Oregon.
Boy Scouts Anti-Drug Kayaking presentation in Portland, Oregon.
OSU College of Business - Austin Entrepreneurship Program in Corvallis, Oregon.


The Jesse Coombs Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 corporation. This means that your donations are completely tax deductible and will go directly to helping the children. Please consider making a donation by contacting jessecoombs@jessecoombs dot com.

The Jesse Coombs Foundation would like to thank Blank Rome LLP and Jackson Kayak for their generous support.


A Testimonial and letter of support from Steve in North Carolina.

Images from the recent Roseburg Youth Job Corp event ( click on thumbnail to see full-sized image )

Jesse is proud to count Nick Troutman as a friend and shining example of what is possible in life when you don't take drugs.

My name is Nick Troutman. At 18 years old I am the Canadian National Freestyle Kayaking Champion, and I DON'T DO DRUGS. I have seen too many great athletes throw away everything, their talent, friends and life because of drugs.


Click on the pictures below to see full sized images of Nick Troutman, the Canadian National Champion and supporter of the Jesse Coombs foundation.