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Jesse Coombs is one of today's leading adventurers. With calm confidence and a friendly smile Jesse explores the most intriguing and remote corners of the earth. Jesse redefines the limits of adventure travel and whitewater kayaking as he pioneers first descents on previously unthinkable stretches of the worlds most remote and untamed creeks, rivers and waterfalls. Additionally, Jesse brings tremendous technical and business experience providing a unique ability to be a highly capable contributor to any situation.


Countless Self Supported Class V/VI Kayaking First Descents, 60+ foot water falls, canyons, gorges and rivers that allow no exit other than to continue down stream.

Chiapas Mexico: Santo Domingo, 2,200 foot per mile descent, 80ft, 90ft, 60ft, 20ft, 40ft waterfalls, jungles, Guatemalan border patrol, canyon walls, must-run rapids, and 12 year old local drivers that can barely see over the steering wheel of their 1976 Chevy pickup.

Interior Brazil: Traveled deep into interior Sao Paulo, Brazil by burro, boat and difficult hiking. Inebriated locals and a complete lack of rural road signs proved to be our only compass to un-run waterfalls and slides that consume entire mountainsides. First descents include: Rio Preto Escohego, Pocao Bo Pu Maromba, Campo Belo in Itatia National Park, Rio Cunha, Rio Cachoeirihima, Rio Corrente, Rio Camanducaia, Capavari, Airuouca, Fumaca de Fumaca..

Colombia: Rio Buey: jungles, canyon walls, cocaine traffickers, machetes, hidden camps, must-run 60 foot waterfall and a river that drops between hotel sized boulders as it turns North into a committed gorge held siege by Paramilitary on the right bank known for taking prisoners as ransom and Leftist Guerillas on the left bank who have traded farming tools for automatic machine guns wanting to grow coffee instead of cocaine.

US Team Finalist, Camel Trophy Tierra Del Fuego 1998

Favikens Egendom, Are, Sweden May 1998