Why I paddle Jackson Kayaks

By Jesse Coombs

Super Hero

If I could reach through your computer and pull you onto a river trip with me with a couple Super Heros I would. This boat has set the new mark of what a river running creek boat needs to be.

By combining all the best technology and top of the industry experience in boat design Jackson Kayak has created the new gold standard in river running creek boats.

In marketing the traditional wisdom is that you can have this (small size of your cell phone for example) or that (performance and features in your cell phone for example) but not both. Well this just does not meet customer demand anymore as both size and performance are requirements. Jackson Kayak has taken this 'AND' not 'or' philosophy into designing the Super Hero with beautiful results.

The Super Hero does it all, and does it all well. For starters, it provides all the things you know a Jackson Kayak will deliver including comfort, stability, easy to roll, safety and durability. But believe me, that is only the beginning. The Super Hero is the creek boat I have been dreaming of for some time.

I have always believed that I wanted my creek boat to combine the latest hull technology AND creek boat volume. Now I have that. One of my greatest joys in kayaking has come from taking playboats on harder rivers, and now I have a technologically advanced hull with a creek boat deck. Sweet!

The Super Hero allows me slice, dice, turn on a dime, slide slip, ride over and carve all the currents on the creek while having the volume to stay on top of the water in the holes and hydraulics. Maybe that is the thing I have never materialized in my head until just now.

What is the difference between class five and class three? Regarding hydrology it's just the power of the water and busy-ness of the activity. The river is still just made of water and rocks.

The laws of physics governing water are no different, there is just more going on. So I don't want a boat with a less performance hull because there is more stuff happening. I want the same cutting edge technology in the hull of my boat with the volume to keep me on top of the hydraulics. And that is what I have in the Super Hero. I have done a lot of great creeking over the years, but I know that my best creeking is still in front of me when I now have the Super Hero as my companion.

And the Super Hero is also a perfect companion for traveling and exploratory kayaking. The Super Hero combines a long water line AND a length just under 8'. This means it is very fast yet still fits in all the small eddies above the big drops. The Super Hero fits perfectly under a South American bus AND has plenty of volume and space in the back for your overnight and rescue gear.

The Super Hero combines the best of all worlds, and you'll see me using it creeking every chance I get on every river I can to every place I can travel. I hope that is a clear indication of how much I like this kayak.

Mega Rocker

When I want to run the biggest, burliest, meatiest lines and big drops, you will see me in the Mega Rocker. This is the big boy's boat that paddles like a nimble prize fighter.

I know guys who are 150 pounds and guys who are 260 who both LOVE it!

There is no other boat better for getting through, over and on top of the stickiest holes, biggest lines and biggest drops. This is the creek boater's creek boat. I can't tell you how many people I have kayaked with who seemed to be paddling better than they ever have before with tons of confidence and skill.

The Mega Rocker is the boat that gives them the confidence to step up their game and get after the rivers of their dreams. From the small steep creeks in British Columbia to the Stikine, the Mega Rocker has completely redefined confidence in difficult water.


Oh man, the Allstar is just too good. This boat is teaching me play moves. I have an arsenal of possibilities and play moves available when I am in my Allstar. It loops bigger, spins faster, carves better and goes bigger than anything else out there.

When ever I want a double shot of bigger fun, bigger moves and bigger smiles I reach for my Allstar and play with the river until I am happily spent.

I can take my Allstar anywhere from park and play to big water river running. I am truly amazed at how this boat is so clearly better than any other play boat out there without even a distant second place.


Here is the all around boat you can take anywhere. I love my Fun for big water runs and testing my skills on harder runs I have done a bunch in a creek boat. I just can't say enough good things about this boat.

The first time I got in the water in one I knew I LOVED it within 5 minutes. I have never liked a boat so much so quickly. The Fun is designed perfectly to teach you all the great play moves and balanced perfectly to have lots of hull speed and stabilty in the rapids.

You'll see me running big water like the Futafelu and local class 4+ in my Fun. And when there is a flat section I am more likely to be in a bow or stern stall than horizontal. The Fun is the best single boat for doing it all.