Why I use Shred Ready helmets

By Jesse Coombs

More than any other piece of equipment, my helmet is my safety. If you boat long enough, at some point you will find a rock with your head.

I went two years when I started kayaking before I hit a rock with my head, but when I did I was sure glad to be wearing a Shred Ready.

First of all, Shred Ready has the most adjustable and solid fitting helmets anywhere. The Hand Of God Lock Retention System and four point retention system are standard on all Shred Ready helmets. This combined technology is single best method of all kayaking helmets for keeping your helmet tight and square on your head.

Most kayaking helmets want to roll back because they do not have a chin strap. But Shred Ready has solved this with the H.O.G. system, and I am sure glad they did.

All the helmet design in the world won't help you if your helmet is not squarely on top of your head.

Additionally Shred Ready is the industry leader of construction for safety. Not only are they Certified CE 1385 certified for safety, the helmets have a three layer system to keep me safe from all impacts. The external shell is a multi-layer fiberglass that deflects the rocks and protects me from sharp rocks that want to penetrate the helmet. The next layer is multi-impact VN foam liner to provide that crucial give in the helmet so the energy of the impact is dissipated and not transferred directly to your skull and brain. The VN foam liner is laminated to closed-cell comfort foam for another layer of safety, comfort and fit.

My choice for almost all my kayaking is the Shaggy. It fits me absolutely perfectly, has great coverage and the brim is the perfect size for keeping the sun out of my eyes without being so large that it blocky my view or catches a bunch of water. Perfect! I also will wear the TDub for more protection or the Standard Full Face for full protection.

When I was in Newfoundland I ran a 45 foot waterfall and got off my line a bit. I smashed into the left wall 30 feet down and smacked my head hard on a rock. Amazingly, I cracked my helmet and had absolutely no symptoms of head injury, head ache or concussion. I am COMPLETELY sold on Shred Ready helmets for safety. To take that kind of impact and not suffer an injury is a true testament to their safety!!!

I feel completely confident paddling in my Shred Ready helmet, and I highly encourage you to buy the safest best fitting helmets available for kayaking, water sports and snow sports.