Why I use Snap Dragon spray skirts

By Jesse Coombs

Snap Dragon is a great company leading the charge for top quality kayaking skirts. No one has better materials or better construction.

I love Snap Dragon for how easy they are to work with and how responsive they are to customer needs. Any time I order something from them or want a skirt attached to a drytop for a dry deck they always do a professional job and do it in a very timely manner.

If Snap Dragon says they are going to do something, you can be sure it will be done as promised. And you can be sure that Snap Dragon skirts will last longer than anything else out there as only top quality materials and construction are used.

I use the White Water EXP Armortex Reinforced skirt for all my play boating and creek boating. I never have to worry about being dry with my Snap Dragon skirt.

Additionally, Snap Dragon is very focused on helping the kayaking community and improving the sport. Recently a young boater from Boise Idaho, Conner Jackson, applied his boundless energy to bringing a white water park to Boise.

In appreciation of his tremendous efforts Snap Dragon contacted him to sponsor Conner and support his efforts. Quite impressive! Snap Dragon is one of the great companies keeping kayaking strong and helping it grow.

Be sure to support Snap Dragon every chance you get!